Tennis is available at any age, no matter how old you are: 5 or 65 and what is your physical shape - this game will bring a lot of fun and will be useful for health.

Tennis allows a person to develop not only the purely physical qualities: endurance, strength, precision, beautiful posture. Tennis helps develop and personal qualities that will be useful in all areas of life: determination, confidence, ability to instantly make decisions. For a man, never playing tennis, it is pointless to take in hand the racket and balls and immediately go to court. Movement in tennis seem simple at first glance. Only regular classes can give the result, whether a learner puts goal is to improve physical shape or achieve certain indicators at a professional level. Tennis school is not only a prestigious sport classes, which is a great choice, but also the development of a number of important skills and personal qualities: interpersonal skills, patience, energy, assertiveness, achieving the goal.

The decision of choosing tennis should be carefully thought in terms of health, psychology, finance, free time and permissible charges.

Tennis classes help to train endurance and coordination, strength and agility. Aerobic charges on tennis trainings help to normalize metabolism, prevent cardiovascular disease and problems with being overweight. Classes of new Tennis school players always begin with visiting of the sports physician. The athlete passes a general inspection and a number of special tests (including the integrated computer diagnostics). After receiving the medical admission player proceeds to assessment training on the special programme (the so-called test week). During this period, coaches make up idea of gaming skills of an athlete, its functional readiness, mental and psychological characteristics. In turn, the athletes can get acquainted with the general philosophy of the training process, cultivated at school methodology classes and level loads, logistics base, coaching and apprenticeship team. At the end of the test week a player has an interview, on which the trainer provides a summary.